Our Services

Service division of Rudraksha Envirotech are pioneers in designing/consultancy of different types of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants. The immense experience gained by designing, planning, construction, operation and management of these plants have helped us to set a high standard and implement sophisticated and efficient Water & Wastewater Treatment technologies for our clients. We design, prepare DPR, BEP, detailed Mechanical, Electricals, Instrumentations, automation and help in the construction of all kinds of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants including Sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, Industrial wastewater treatment plants, Packaged type waste water treatment systems, Ozone water treatment systems, Reverse Osmosis water treatment etc. We successfully & effectively designed, engineered and commissioned wide range of projects for different industries like automobile, Cement,sugar, dairy, pesticides and mining industries, to name a few. Our main focus is to provide right solutions to our customers at optimum cost.

We provide Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services needed to run a Water & Wastewater Treatment scheme. The overall aim is to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of Water & Waste Water Treatment facilities. With our highly qualified, well experienced, result oriented, Customer friendly Engineers and Technicians we will provide the following services:

  • Operation (24/7)
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring by Expert Center
  • Provision of Spare Parts and Consumables
  • Repair and Refurbishment of major components
  • Execution of scheduled Outages.

The O & M done with proper training to the operational staff and also by regular monitoring& maintaining the proper operation data in the log sheets. The O & M Staff properly reports to the owner’s authorized person on a regular basis.

Operation & Maintenance Service means that we care about your assets.

We also offers Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) needed for preventive maintenance. Our AMC Services comprise of scheduled inspection and scheduled maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant and water treatment system.

We take end-to-end responsibility for planning, integrating and managing water quantity, quality, discharge and environmental fronts. We offer turnkey solutions to your water treatment needs.

The Process Optimizations Techniques offered by us forWater and wastewater treatment involve mechanical, biological, chemical, and human elements, all of which must fall within in the correct range of values for the treatment system to be effective and reliable.

The misalignment of just one of these components can result in a process that is inefficient and expensive to maintain. In the worst cases, processes fail completely, leading to non-compliance with environmental permits or poor quality water that adversely affects your production process.

Water and wastewater treatment process optimization reduces the occurrence of problems, protects the environment, ensures regulatory compliance, and saves you money.

During the first stage of process optimization, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of the process parameters and the external elements that affect the process. These parameters include, but are not limited to:

  • The wastewater-generating process
  • Chemicals used in the process
  • The raw water source
  • Chemical and physical water and wastewater characteristics
  • Flows and loadings of all pertinent inputs
  • Peak loads and potential upset conditions
  • Variability, both normal and unusual events
  • Desired water or effluent quality

Next, we'll review the complete treatment process and test the equipment. The evaluation includes an assessment of:

  • Process type (e.g.physical/chemical, biological, mechanical, electrochemical, membrane, etc.)
  • Equipment design and capacity
  • Equipment condition
  • Operating and maintenance procedures
  • Appropriateness of the process and equipment

We'll also evaluate the process controls, instrumentation, and monitoring processes to determine whether they provide the right information and/or the right control functionality. We’ll make sure you’re:

  • Monitoring the right parameters at the right location
  • Using the right test to measure parameters
  • Collecting test samples properly and at the right locations
  • Collecting and evaluating lab data effectively
  • Logging physical and visual observations and using them to evaluate process health
  • Making the correct adjustments based on good data

We'll assess your chemical usage by confirming:

  • Proper chemicals are used only as needed
  • Proper chemical dosage is based on use tests (e.g. jar tests, titrations)
  • Use conditions are appropriate (e.g. pH, alkalinity, temperature)
  • Chemicals are prepared correctly (e.g. flocculant polymers)
  • Chemicals are mixed and dispersed effectively

We not only provide consultancy services for installing new plants but also guide our valuable client’s in Refurbishment & Retrofit Jobs as well. We help you in expanding your plant, meet tighter regulations and keep existing systems running for longer.Our Refurbishment services enable operators to keep equipment operating effectively and efficiently for longer, preventing the need for potentially costly capital expenditure and diverting valuable budget towards ongoing operation and maintenance activities.

We have dedicated all our resources to deliver cost effective, optimized, reliable, industrial pure water solutions to our customer. We use our wide range of processes with an integrated approach to deliver total solutions for every market – household, institutional, commercial, industrial and public water supplies, both urban and rural in India. Comprehensive services such as O&M and AMC enable us to meet customer needs totally, offering end benefits conveniently and economically, with single source responsibility. We are upgrading ourselves with the most advanced technologies to remain as a cutting edge solutions oriented company that makes decisions based on customer requirements and the latest market needs.

In Short, We can say, we can satisfy you by providing the following services at our best-

  • Operation & Maintenance Contract (O&M).
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
  • Diagnostic & Troubleshooting.
  • Process optimization.
  • Refurbishing & Retrofit.